Monday, November 8, 2010

Yin Yang

Pondering Yin Yang.
Balance. Flow. Transformation. Revolution. Evolution. Cause and Effect. God. Goddess. Fire. Water. Love. Hate. Joy. Sorrow. High. Low. Sugar. Salt.
The experiences we undergo. If we are to only hate our life is unbalanced. If we only love it is also so. If we wish for only sunshine, we will have drought. If we protect ourselves ceaselessly from pain, we will always be chasing pleasure. 
I often think about balance. My body is misshapen, so balance is something I had to work much harder for. I tried ten times as hard at ballet. Pain. I carry a lot of physical pain. I have become so aware of positive physical pain. The sort after a good work out. Then pleasure. Cotton on skin. Rain on Hair. Waking up with a headache gone. A full belly. An hysterical laughing fit. Bliss.
Balance. Understanding true friendship. The true sense of give and take. Sharing the loads. Feeling secure. Fraternal, Sororal. Honest. Free. Safe. Funny.
The balance of work and play, play at work, and work at play.
This one is tricky. I am getting there, but sheesh, there is so much work to do. I am finding playing with my child easier and easing. Reading with her. Guiding her toward some of my own interests as well as nurturing hers. Science is the newest. Science fiction will come soon, once all the vampire novels are done with!
Life has been more than a little horrific these past years.
Yet I am observing the evolution of my child, the survival of her innate truth, in the face of the loss of a parent. She is so small, so young, and so incredibly resilient and brave. Braver than many grown ups I have met. Braver than most indeed. Wise, understanding, thoughtful. How can someone so little handle so much. Because she is allowed to. I have let her handle it. I have guided her. If more parents could guide their children through their own grief or pain or whatever the world would be a much better place. She and I are yin yang. Me all fire and air, her water and earth. We are so different yet the blending is there. She has softened me, and I give her strength. 

My watery friends.
Grounding me. Pointing me. Laughing at me with so much love! How wonderful to be able to laugh at and with people. How silly we all are. I love that in such a serious way. I love the sisters that I have gathered around me. I love being a grown woman amongst women. A group of goddesses, hidden among mortals. Do you ever see them, have you ever washed your eyes with the tears of a child? They are there. Dotted out in dotty clothes. Completely unaware of their brilliance, yet completely Aware. Shining the essence of truth, with glitter glimmer and braid and all things baked and painted. Sensual, untouchable, totally available. Roaring with pleasure and strength and a band-aid and a fist. Defenders, amenders and mirror holders. Even more I want to dance, flying across the floor, like a lion across the plains. Pain be damned. Beauty is ours!

My fire father.
Whoosh. What a challenge but what an incredible man. A giant, with a giant size heart and the strength of Hercules. I still feel so little near my dad. I am so little. But he lets me be mountain size. In fact he pushes me to be. There has to be a fairy tale in that. Thumbelina? He, like I, wont let his child be scared. Stop crying because there is nothing to cry about child! Look, you have muscles, and a heart and a brain in your head. Use them. With these tools you are invincible. Be honorable, but never let anyone push you round. Bullies be damned. You are not small. Your are the lioness. The power comes from within not without.

'I like grapes'. Stephen.

'Me too'. Tani.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Performance and Art

Performed at the Espy on Saturday night. A kick arse show of metal mayhem. This picture is a self portrait backstage after the gig. We performed Bonnie and Clyde, a comedy vaudeville styled number, full of murder and bank robbery mayhem.

Christmas is on the way

Holy Cow, Christmas is nearly here! There are loads of wonderful objects d'art to keep your sexy stockings full. Something for everyone! Everything at Blue Attic is made in Melbourne. Leaves you with that happy good vibe feeling, knowing that your gift is good for the environment and the local economy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh Joy, It's finished!

Huzzah! The wedding dress is finished. Only one alteration needed. It looks sublime on the customer, hopefully photo's from the wedding will follow in about 3 weeks. The trim and covered buttons look superb. Really happy with this one!

Pink Hair

Ah yes, not one to rest on my hair laurels its now pink! Note the midget behind. Oldest photo gag in the book!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

me n lil t

Cheesy much. But this is where we are at these days. Its nice and Safe. We are firmly assured of our roles, completely connected not even as mother and child but as an extension of the self. Assured of who our allies are and who to watch out for. Feeling strong and calm.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joolz: Lookbook shoots

These sublime hand poured resin necklaces are now available at Blue Attic! Incredibly well priced little pieces of art!

Madame Blavatsky Frocks

Madam Blavatsky. Hot 50's frocks coming to Blue Attic in Novemeber! Stunning!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The wedding dress, phase 3.

Who'd a thought it would take so long to fray silk! The dress fitting went amazingly well, it looks stunning on. Silk covered buttons, straps, zipper finish and trim to go...Can't wait to receive photos from the wedding!
A wonderful day in the shop, happy customers, lovely friends dropping by. Bliss.

Monday, October 18, 2010

And I changed my hair again!

woah, a year went past

A year has gone by. Its been really tough. But I am back. Making a wedding dress and the shop is gaining ground. Awesome!
The death of my daughters father, the recession that didn't happen, the winter of all winters, the election that coincided with mercury retrograde, the construction site across the road. All these things have been placed before me as a test?
Well test away universe, cos I  am not the kind of girl to buckle.
My daughter and I are healing, we are having a good time. A shop/home filled with love, friends, family...who could ask for more?